Dating And Relationship Basics

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Since Dating and Relationships are such a large, important part of everyday life, this article strives to help clear up myths from facts and present an overview of surrounding issues.
Show Off If you have a great body you’re trying to show off and young physical appearance, yet worry because you still seem to have difficulty finding dates and establishing relationships, here are some pointers. Turn off the ME focus. Others tend to see that as boorish and think you only care about yourself, not others and certainly not them.
Instead, turn the focus on outside interests that the other person can relate to, even if it has to be the weather. For help, tune in to an online news source like CNN or subscribe to a national or other major newspaper or magazine like Newsweek or head to the public library for the latest news briefs.
Online dating might be a good outlet for you, to as it generally offers a place to list all your great physical qualities as well as outside interests and more, presenting a more rounded dating candidate. Then those who are VERY interested in great abs, youthful appeal, etc. will be able to check you out. And those who are interested in the other interests can focus on those, too.
Sit, Dont Take a Stand Instead of voicing your opinions over issues that you pretty well know, cause heated arguments, dont take a stand. Just sit them out. Theres no shame in passing up an argument. For example, if you both call yourselves Christians, yet one of you firmly has a complete set of rules and regulations about what a Christian really is, and doesnt hesitate to voice this, skip over conversations about religion. If you have to, simply say something along the lines of, This gets us too heated, so lets pass on if for now and move on to something else. Agree that its okay to disagree. Because it is!
Traditions Keep up with some old traditions from each family. Alter some; create new ones. The main thing here is to make positive memories that you can share and relive over and over, especially during rough spots when you cant remember why you are together. Traditions can be like glue and bind you with a common past.
Sex Vs Love Sex and love are not the same thing. Learn the difference and dont measure love by your hormones.
Negotiator Forget his and hers roles and who should do what whenLearn to negotiate. What works one day may not work another when timing is off, kids are on the run and disaster strikes, for instance, when your mother-in-law drops by unexpectedly.
Love and Hate Love your mate. It is OK to strongly dislike (or maybe hate) a behavior, like cracking knuckles or biting nails. But remember to love the person.

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