5 Great Ways To Enrich Your Children Conscience


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Children are living with curiosity. They learn lots of things in life, gifted naturally with intuition, and open toward everything they find.

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Everything seems to be interesting to them. Thats why they want to know about many things. Its indeed a sign of good development.

Parents need to help children develop their conscience, which will be a great means of getting spiritual experiences. Through these, they’ll learn about self-esteem and moral values.

Of course parents want children have and familiar with good values in life. As parents, what can you do then?

Here are 5 ways you can do to enrich their conscience:

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Give good examples. What you say and do everyday reflect what you think about the world. If you say good stuff, your children will do the same. Children are great imitators. Its important for you to say and do nice things anytime anywhere.

Listen when they talk. Sometimes your children ask questions that sound silly to adults, like Mom, where does the sun sleep when the night comes? Listen to them and answer seriously, The sun doesn’t sleep. It shines in other places in the world. By listening, children will feel that they get respect from their parents.

Show happiness. Show and share all the happiness and positive energy and thoughts with the children. If you’re happy, they’re happy too. By doing this, the children will learn that life is enjoyable.

Introduce them to nature. Tell them that all things happen in the world are connected to each other and that there’s a reason for it. For example, water is needed to irrigate plants and plants are food source for other living creatures.

Be flexible with your rules. Children should be informed about what they should do. However, always take notice on their development. There will be time when they can decide what they want to do. By being flexible with your rules, children will stay cheerful and expressive.


Those 5 tips are actually easy to carry out. Just place yourself as your childrens parents and friends as well.

Again, remember that children are good imitators. Once you do or say something bad, there’s a great chance that they will do or say the same.

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